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HOW TO Make Your Next Flight More Eco Friendly! 5 Top Eco Travel Tips!

It should be no surprise that air travel is responsible for as much as 12% of the travel industry’s CO2 emissions, but instead of telling you that you should simply never fly again, we decided that it would be much more practical to share some tips as to how you make your next big trip a bit more eco-friendly!

From exploring distant destinations to experiencing different cultures, air travel allows us to quickly access far away places that we might not have otherwise been able to see with our own eyes… And it’s those experiences that can make people much more aware, open minded and even empathetic!

Here's our guide for more eco friendly flights and tips for zero waste travel!

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Fly Less!

Admittedly, it is worth us emphasising that reducing the amount of air travel throughout the course of your life is likely the goal here… But did you know that an estimated 25% of an aeroplane’s fuel consumption occurs during taxiing and take off?? So, it isn’t just a reduction in trips that can reduce your carbon footprint, but flying direct more often and taking less individual flights that can help too!

Fly Economy!

On a similar note, if an an airline has to make more trips to get passengers to and from any particular destination, much more fuel is used across multiple flights. So, if an airline is able to fit more passengers onto any particular flight, then they aren’t going to have to make quite as many trips - theoretically at least… Of course, it isn’t at all that simple and it isn’t really the way that airlines work. But that isn’t to say that picking an economy seat (if you’re even lucky enough to have the choice!) doesn’t result in a lower carbon footprint.

Pack Light!