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THE BEST Eco Friendly Health & Beauty Products For Travel & At Home!

With more and more eco conscious companies now creating more and more eco friendly products, it’s fair to say that the plastic free movement has well and truly taken off!

We too have been testing out plastic free alternatives, purchasing with a more eco friendly mindset and even taking the occasional trip to our local zero waste shop! That’s not to say that we haven’t still got a long way to go, but we have been able to make some pretty cool and super easy eco swaps! In this post, we wanted to share our favourite health and beauty products, which we've found to be one of the best places to start making eco swaps!

Here's a top five list of the best healthy and beauty products for zero waste travel and a more sustainable lifestyle!

Friendly Soap Shampoo Bar Travel Plastic Free Zero Waste

Shampoo Bars!

A fairly straight forward swap whether it's for travel or at home, shampoo bars can make a huge difference in reducing how much plastic we consume! Considering most liquid shampoos are made mostly of water, you're much better off using bar shampoo and can even save a lot of space and weight in your luggage! The shampoo bars by Friendly Soap in particular smell and work great, but what makes them really special is that they’re completely palm oil free, plastic free and cruelty free! They even have a “travel soap” that can be used for anything from washing your hair and body to washing your laundry too!

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