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DIY Mercedes Vito Van Conversion! HOW TO, TIPS & REGRETS For A Self Built Camper Van!

If you were wondering what exactly we've been working on these past four months or so, then allow us to share with you our recently self converted camper van! Better yet, we've put together this post with a bunch of tips, regrets and mistakes that others can learn from too!

Here's our complete guide to converting a camper van, and how to convert a camper van yourself with everything you need to know for a DIY, self built van conversion!

DIY Self Built Mercedes Vito Van Conversion Van Build How To Complete Guide, Regrets and Tips

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Before we get into the guide, we should say that we're not exactly experts when it comes to electronics, carpentry and mechanics. Although we had a good idea of how we wanted our van to turn out and a rough plan on how to get there, we did find ourselves making up a lot of it as we went along. That considered, it came out great and we learnt a lot along the way that we're now able to share and help others with.

Better yet, we decided to record videos of the whole process to showcase the van build and illustrate all of the top tips that we're going to share. Those videos are all right here in this blog post, but be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel for future videos too!