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The MUST HAVE Items For An Eco Friendly Summer Time! Top 10 Eco Swaps & Products!

Summer really is officially here! I mean, it might be a bit of a weird one this year, but climate change sadly hasn't stopped just because we have.

We should be deciding right now what kind of a world we want to live in when this passes, and we just can't believe that anyone really wants to live with endangered wildlife species, extreme weather events, rising sea levels and polluted oceans... So where do we start if we want to reduce our environmental impact this summertime?

Here's a top ten list of essential eco friendly products for a sustainable lifestyle this summer time, and the must have items and super easy eco swaps to help reduce your environmental impact and lessen your reliance on single use plastics!

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the best summer time eco friendly items, products and eco swaps for sustainable living.

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Reusable Tote Bags!

Starting out here with an essential eco friendly item no matter the time of year - a reusable shopping bag! We absolutely hate getting caught out at the shops without one, so we're always carrying one of our own organic cotton tote bags with us whenever we're leaving the house. They're not only ethically and sustainably made, but they're made to last and can be used for everything from the walk to work, to visiting the beach!