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The MUST HAVE Items For An Eco Friendly Summer Time! Top 10 Eco Swaps & Products!

Summer really is officially here! I mean, it might be a bit of a weird one this year, but climate change sadly hasn't stopped just because we have.

We should be deciding right now what kind of a world we want to live in when this passes, and we just can't believe that anyone really wants to live with endangered wildlife species, extreme weather events, rising sea levels and polluted oceans... So where do we start if we want to reduce our environmental impact this summertime?


Here's a top ten list of essential eco friendly products for a sustainable lifestyle this summer time, and the must have items and super easy eco swaps to help reduce your environmental impact and lessen your reliance on single use plastics!


the best summer time eco friendly items, products and eco swaps for sustainable living.

Reusable Tote Bags!

Starting out here with an essential eco friendly item no matter the time of year - a reusable shopping bag! We absolutely hate getting caught out at the shops without one, so we're always carrying one of our own organic cotton tote bags with us whenever we're leaving the house. They're not only ethically and sustainably made, but they're made to last and can be used for everything from the walk to work, to visiting the beach!

By The Compass All Natural Organic Cotton Reusable Tote Bags Eco Friendly Sustainable

Refillable Water Bottles!

Yeah... We thought that we better mention this eco swap early on as well, but this one's an essential eco swap for summertime in particular - a reusable water bottle to help us all stay hydrated! Since switching to our bamboo and stainless steel water bottles from WakeCup, we really haven't looked back - they're some of the most beautiful that we've seen!

WakeCup Bamboo Reusable Refillable Water Bottle Zero Waste Plastic Free Eco Friendly Sustainable
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Stainless Steel Lunchboxes! Perfect for a great picnic, stainless steel lunchboxes from OneGreenBottle really are a much loved item of ours! And they come in handy for so much more than that - from storing leftovers after mealtime to actually using them for dinner when we haven't got any clean bowls!

OneGreenBottle Stainless Steel Lunchbox Zero Waste Plastic Free Eco Friendly Sustainable

Bamboo Cutlery Sets!

A crucial part of our "on the go" kit is our reusable, bamboo cutlery set from Bambaw, and a necessary addition to what we pack with us when we travel! A reusable cutlery set really can come in handy - something that you never really know when you might need, which is all the more true due to the bamboo straw that's also included and perfect for summertime smoothies!

Bambaw Bamboo reusable biodegradable cutlery set Zero Waste Plastic Free Eco Friendly Sustainable
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All Natural Suncream!

Now that summer is officially here, sunscreen is pretty much a must have! But it’s also important to be mindful of how regular, chemical based suncreams can effect marine habitats and sea life… Thankfully, there's lots of all natural, zinc based suncreams now available, and one that we’re always recommending to friends and family is by Shade! Not only is it completely reef safe, but it comes in a plastic free tin, with one tin lasting for weeks at a time!

Shade all natural reef safe suncream sunscreen Zero Waste Plastic Free Eco Friendly Sustainable

Biodegradable Glitter!

Glitter has definitely proved a must have for the would-be festival season over summer. But, did you know that glitter is typically made from plastic, so it can really harm our environment? Glastonbury Music Festival has gone as far as to ban this glitter, and lucky for us, Ara Evolution have a great biodegradable version - an absolute must for everyone's summertime activities!

Ara Evolution biodegradable glitter Zero Waste Plastic Free Eco Friendly Sustainable
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Reusable Make Up Wipes!

Face wipes and wet wipes could quite easily be considered the greatest 'greenwashing' scam there is right now, with most still containing plastic and not actually biodegrading when in the environment. Plus, they're still single use! So, we love the reusable cotton pads from Bambaw! You can just chuck them in the wash and they're good as new again!

bambaw reusable make up remover pads cotton Zero Waste Plastic Free Eco Friendly Sustainable

Bamboo Safety Razor!

Most of us know how exactly it feels to have a bathroom shelf or windowsill littered with cheap, disposable plastic razors, which would all eventually have their day and have to be thrown away... So, we're so much better off now with our bamboo safety razor from Bambaw, and we're even saving money in the long run!

bambaw bamboo safety razor Zero Waste Plastic Free Eco Friendly Sustainable
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Recycled EcoPots!

It's safe to say that we got really excited when we first came across EcoPots - created by an awesome eco conscious Cornish company, AShortWalk, that just seems to think of everything, innovating where other companies are not, and really offering you an easy way to be more eco friendly inside and outside of the home. EcoPots are not only made from recycled materials, but they're incredibly durable, long lasting and recyclable at the end of their life!

AShortWalk recycled ecopots Zero Waste Eco Friendly Sustainable

Pollinator Friendly Seed Bombs! Summer is when we all really enjoy our green spaces and nature most. So, what better way to give back to nature than planting pollinator friendly plants that can help to save our bees and butterflies, and promote healthier ecosystems that are otherwise under threat? Seed bombs make this super easy and also offer a great way to get kids involved in the gardening too - which could simply mean a window box of course!

beebombs wildflower bee pollinator friendly seed bomb Zero Waste Plastic Free Eco Friendly Sustainable

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Have an awesome eco swap recommendation? Leave a comment below to let us know!


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