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Going ZERO WASTE! 10 Essential Items For Anyone Getting Started & Going Plastic Free!

From plastic bottles and bags, to takeaway coffee cups and so called "disposable" single use everyday items, it's safe to say that we can create a lot of waste as we go through our lives... and that just isn't very sustainable!

It's not just the fact the these items require resources and energy to make, but they're only ever going to just end up in a landfill or, worse yet, the environment where they'll pose a massive threat to wildlife and ecosystems.

Fortunately, there is another way! The two most important 'R's, reduce and reuse, which can be really easy to do with just a few eco friendly items and low waste swaps!


Here's a top ten list of essential eco friendly products for starting on a journey to zero waste, and the must have items and super easy eco swaps to help you reduce your environmental impact, live a more sustainable lifestyle and lessen your reliance on single use plastics!

going zero waste getting started essential eco swaps, eco friendly items and products for sustainable living. zero waste lifestyle journey

Reusable Water Bottles!

Quite possibly the first swap that most people make on their way to zero waste, and perhaps even unknowingly so! You definitely don't have to be consciously trying to reduce your consumption of plastic to reap the benefits of a reusable water bottle - from free refills when out and about, to a now phenomenal range of bottles that come in all shapes and sizes! We really love our bamboo water bottles from WakeCup, because they're beautifully unique, stainless steel on the inside and even include a tea infuser!

WakeCup Bamboo Reusable Refillable Water Bottle Zero Waste Plastic Free Eco Friendly Sustainable

Reusable Coffee Cups!

A reusable coffee cup is something that we find ourselves using all the time and always have with us when we're on the go. Not only do they negate the need for a take away / throw away cup, but they can often times give you a discount! Our rCups are definitely the best that we've found (and think we ever will find!) with their innovative push to open, completely leakproof and super convenient design. They're even made form recycled coffee cups!

rcup recycled reusable Zero Waste Plastic Free Eco Friendly Sustainable
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Stainless Steel Lunchboxes! Perfect for picnics, lunch breaks at work or days out on an adventure, a quality lunch box was something that we didn't even know how much we needed until we got ours from OneGreenBottle. Being stainless steel, they're practically indestructible and truly built to last, and they come in handy for so much more than we knew they would - from storing leftovers after mealtime to actually using them for dinner when we haven't got any clean bowls!

OneGreenBottle Stainless Steel Lunchbox Zero Waste Plastic Free Eco Friendly Sustainable

Bamboo Cutlery Sets!

A reusable cutlery set is another eco swap that you'll likely not realise how much you're actually going to use! Our bamboo cutlery set from Bambaw is now an absolute must have when we travel and a crucial part of our "on the go" kit. It even includes a bamboo straw, which we were fine without before, but we're now always grateful that we have it.

Bambaw Bamboo reusable biodegradable cutlery set Zero Waste Plastic Free Eco Friendly Sustainable
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Bamboo Toothbrushes!

Knowing that every single one of our plastic toothbrushes we've ever used are still around, somewhere in a landfill or possibly even the ocean, swapping to a bamboo toothbrush was something that we were super quick to do. Not only can it be composted (without the bristles) when it's worn out, but bamboo is actually one of the fastest naturally renewing resources on the planet, so it's a really sustainable material.

 bamboo toothbrush Zero Waste Plastic Free Eco Friendly Sustainable

Shampoo Bars!

Similar to our toothbrush situation, switching to shampoo bars quite quickly made a big difference in the amount of plastic we went through in the bathroom. What's more is how much solid shampoo bars can declutter your bathroom too! Not to mention the amount of weight and space they save whilst travelling! After all, regular liquid shampoos are made mostly of water. The shampoo bars by Friendly Soap in particular smell and work great, but what makes them really special is that they’re completely palm oil free, plastic free and cruelty free! They also have a “travel soap” that can be used for anything from washing your hair to washing your laundry too!

shampoo bar friendly soap natural Zero Waste Plastic Free Eco Friendly Sustainable
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Reusable Make Up Wipes!

Face wipes and wet wipes are a massive environmental problem right now, with most containing plastic and not actually biodegrading when in the environment. Using an all natural alternative can be an absolute godsend for removing make up for example. The reusable make up remover pads from Bambaw are a bamboo and cotton blend, and can be chucked in with the wash whenever they might need cleaning - saving so much single use plastic and money in the long run!

bambaw reusable make up remover pads cotton Zero Waste Plastic Free Eco Friendly Sustainable

Bamboo Safety Razor!

Likewise, a reusable safety razor can be a great way to save on both plastic waste and money when compared to cheap, disposable plastic razors. Bambaw make a beautiful bamboo safety razor that will last a lifetime! It's one of our favourite eco swaps for sure!

bambaw bamboo safety razor Zero Waste Plastic Free Eco Friendly Sustainable
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Recycled Toilet Paper!

Have you ever noticed how toilet paper always seems to come wrapped in plastic packaging? Well, here's an alternative! Who Gives A Crap (real name!) send a box of toilet roll straight to your door, and they even donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets and sanitary solutions for those around the world that need them - almost £390,000 in 2019 alone! But, going zero waste isn't just about cutting down on plastic - think about how many trees are cut down each day just for toilet roll! Who Gives A Crap have thought about that too, making their's with 100% recycled paper!

recycled toilet paper roll Zero Waste Plastic Free Eco Friendly Sustainable

Reusable Tote Bags!

And last but not least are our reusable tote bags! We all know how ridiculous single use plastic bags are, so we'll just tell you that are reusable tote bags are made from organic cotton, are ethically and sustainably made, and can be returned at the end of their recycled into new clothing and accessories!

By The Compass All Natural Organic Cotton Reusable Tote Bags Eco Friendly Sustainable

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Have an awesome eco swap recommendation? Leave a comment below to let us know!


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