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Going ZERO WASTE! 10 Essential Items For Anyone Getting Started & Going Plastic Free!

From plastic bottles and bags, to takeaway coffee cups and so called "disposable" single use everyday items, it's safe to say that we can create a lot of waste as we go through our lives... and that just isn't very sustainable!

It's not just the fact the these items require resources and energy to make, but they're only ever going to just end up in a landfill or, worse yet, the environment where they'll pose a massive threat to wildlife and ecosystems.

Fortunately, there is another way! The two most important 'R's, reduce and reuse, which can be really easy to do with just a few eco friendly items and low waste swaps!

Here's a top ten list of essential eco friendly products for starting on a journey to zero waste, and the must have items and super easy eco swaps to help you reduce your environmental impact, live a more sustainable lifestyle and lessen your reliance on single use plastics!

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Reusable Water Bottles!

Quite possibly the first swap that most people make on their way to zero waste, and perhaps even unknowingly so! You definitely don't have to be consciously trying to reduce your consumption of plastic to reap the benefits of a reusable water bottle - from free refills when out and about, to a now phenomenal range of bottles that come in all shapes and sizes! We really love our bamboo water bottles from WakeCup, because they're beautifully unique, stainless steel on the inside and even include a tea infuser!