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10 UNDERRATED ECO SWAPS To Take Your ZERO WASTE Lifestyle To The Next Level!

Going plastic free can sometimes seem like it'll be quite the challenge... But, as we went over in our previous post, it might surprise you just how easy it can be to make a massive difference with only a few small steps and a couple of easy eco swaps! And what better time to make those small steps than Plastic Free July?

Of course, it's not just about buying something new to completely solve the problem with waste as we explain in our complete guide for living a plastic free lifestyle... But we can say for certain that one small step often leads to another, and then to another, and then to another...

So, now we've shared our essential eco swaps for starting a zero waste journey, we want to share the best "next step" eco swaps and alternative eco friendly items for anyone wondering what exactly that next step should be!


Here's a top ten list of our favourite eco swaps to take your zero waste lifestyle to the next level this Plastic Free July!

underrated next level zero waste products for plastic free lifestyle living, eco friendly swap, sustainable

All Natural Oral Care by Georganics!

It's probably not that common for us to all think about just how wasteful our morning and nighttime routines might be... Let's take plastic toothpaste tubes for example, or perhaps plastic mouthwash bottles? Rather, what about the energy required to make and transport the mouthwash, when it's mostly just made up of water? How cool would dissolvable mouthwash tabs be instead? And what about about all natural, home compostable, plastic free floss? Well, a company called Georganics makes those exact products, and they all come in reusable / recyclable glass jars!

Reef Safe Suncream by Shade!

Not only is suncream typically packaged in a plastic, non-recyclable container, but it can actually contain chemicals that are harmful to marine life! Shade's all natural, reef safe sunscreen has become our go-to, with an spf rating of 25, reusable or recyclable metal tins and a handy pocket sized 15ml tin also available. Even under the Egyptian sun, it did not disappoint us with it even proving itself surprisingly water resistant and taking us forever to get a 100ml tin to run dry! You can check out Shade's suncream on our eco swap shop here!

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Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Water Bottles by WakeCup!

It's crazy to think that even tea bags can contain plastic and, therefore, aren't biodegradable! That's why making the switch to loose leaf tea can actually save a surprising amount of plastic waste! For that, you're going to need an infuser, and lucky for us, our favourite reusable water bottles by WakeCup actually come with a removable metal infuser!

eco friendly sustainable plastic free zero waste bamboo reusable water bottle

Laundry Capsules by Smol!

An amazing eco swap to save on plastic waste around the home are plastic free laundry capsules, which is why we recently swapped to Smol! They offer both laundry capsules and dishwasher tablets in recyclable cardboard packaging, sent straight to your door and concentrated enough to be posted straight through the letter box! What's more is that they're completely cruelty free and contain fewer chemicals than other brands! And, if you just cover the postage, you can try them for free with our affiliate link here!

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Concentrated Cleaning Pods by Ocean Saver!

One of our most recent eco swaps, Ocean Saver are definitely one of our most exciting eco swaps as well! With the whole "just add water" method, their concentrated cleaning pods allow you to refill and reuse your otherwise single use plastic spray bottles, saving space under the kitchen sink and, better yet, saving on a bunch of plastic waste!

eco friendly sustainable plastic free zero waste ocean saver cleaning product pods

Washing Up Liquid by Choose!

Speaking of really exciting eco swaps... We were recently given washing up liquid to try out that comes in completely natural, sustainable and vegan friendly packaging! The bottles are made from a paper like material with a plant based lining and a metal, screw on cap. In this same packaging, Choose are offering hand sanitiser and bottled water as well, so it's extremely exciting to see what they'll use this innovative and versatile packaging for next! You can check out all of their products on their website here.

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All Natural Washing Up Brushes!

Something that was quick to become an essential eco swap for a zero waste home is an all natural washing up brush. You may have already seen some of Redecker's products on Instagram, and have more than likely wanted to show them off in your own Instagram grid because of just how much of a staple they are now for a plastic free lifestyle! More importantly, they're built impressively well, with the heads being easily replaceable when they've eventually had their time!

eco friendly sustainable plastic free zero waste Redecker Brushes

All Natural Sponges by Maistic!

Similar to wooden washing up brushes, all natural sponges are a great next step for anyone on a journey to zero waste! As well as being home compostable, all natural alternatives won't shed plastic microfibers straight down the drain like a typical synthetic sponge would. Both the sponges and cleaning cloths by Maistic are particularly easy and amazing swaps to make for a low waste home and kitchen! You can check out our favourite Maistic products on our eco swap shop here.

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Laundry Washing Bag by Guppyfriend!

It's safe to say that plastic microfiber pollution is an absolutely massive issue, but still a relatively unknown part of the plastic pollution problem, being almost invisible to the naked eye... The issue has almost certainly come from a rise in production of low-quality, synthetic clothing, with microfibers being shed from these garments when washed. Whilst not exactly a solution to the much larger issue of fast fashion, a Guppyfriend washing bag is an awesome product that catches these tiny microfibers before they enter the environment! You can find out more about plastic microfiber pollution and how to fight it here!

eco friendly sustainable zero waste microfibre pollution guppyfriend washing bag

Recycled Stationary by Remarkable!

Lastly, we have an eco swap that is definitely one of the most underrated swaps to make - eco friendly stationary! A company called Remarkable have seen how much a huge issue single use stationary is and offer a complete range of awesome, eco friendly pens, notepads and pencils all made from recycled (and sometimes compostable) materials! You can check out Remarkable's products on our eco swap shop here.


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AD: Smol Laundry Zero Waste Eco Friendly Sustainable Eco Swap Plastic Free

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