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10 UNDERRATED ECO SWAPS To Take Your ZERO WASTE Lifestyle To The Next Level!

Going plastic free can sometimes seem like it'll be quite the challenge... But, as we went over in our previous post, it might surprise you just how easy it can be to make a massive difference with only a few small steps and a couple of easy eco swaps! And what better time to make those small steps than Plastic Free July?

Of course, it's not just about buying something new to completely solve the problem with waste as we explain in our complete guide for living a plastic free lifestyle... But we can say for certain that one small step often leads to another, and then to another, and then to another...

So, now we've shared our essential eco swaps for starting a zero waste journey, we want to share the best "next step" eco swaps and alternative eco friendly items for anyone wondering what exactly that next step should be!

Here's a top ten list of our favourite eco swaps to take your zero waste lifestyle to the next level this Plastic Free July!

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All Natural Oral Care by Georganics!

It's probably not that common for us to all think about just how wasteful our morning and nighttime routines might be... Let's take plastic toothpaste tubes for example, or perhaps plastic mouthwash bottles? Rather, what about the energy required to make and transport the mouthwash, when it's mostly just made up of water? How cool would dissolvable mouthwash tabs be instead? And what about about all natural, home compostable, plastic free floss? Well, a company called Georganics makes those exact products, and they all come in reusable / recyclable glass jars!