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Summer is well and truly here, so what better time to get outside than with the blue skies and sunshine?! But with record breaking temperatures across Europe and The Earth as a whole, we think that it’s never been more important to be kinder to the planet and find ways to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle...

Here's our guide for an eco friendly summer time, with quick and easy tips, tricks and activities you’re sure to want to try!

Sunset selfie north Cornwall - By The Compass Travel Blog - eco friendly summer time

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Staycation On The South Coast!

The summer holidays are a popular time for a nice getaway… But that can often mean a plane journey, when a train or even car journey would have a fraction of the green house gas emissions! The truth is that the UK itself has something for everyone and can honestly inspire awe at the worst of times! We're obviously quite partial to the scenery here in Cornwall, so click here to read more about the beautiful beaches, best surf breaks, incredible coastal paths and even some secret spots too!

Swim, Surf or Stand Up Paddle Board!

Perhaps the most perfect way to escape the heat this summer and a bit of a must if you do decide to come to Cornwall! But wherever you do choose to visit, when going in the sea, it’s important to be mindful of how regular, chemical based suncreams can effect marine habitats and sea life… Thankfully, there are lots of all natural, zinc based suncreams available, and one that we’re always recommending to friends and family is by Shade! Not only is it completely reef safe, but it comes in a plastic free tin,