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Want A PLASTIC FREE Home? Here's The LATEST & GREATEST Zero Waste Eco Swaps!

With the issue of plastic pollution and how it’s harming marine life on so many people’s minds, most of us want solutions to help lessen our consumption of single use plastics…

The trouble is that the solutions we’re all hoping for don’t seem to show up on supermarket shelves, so they can be extremely hard to find! Even then, the seemingly eco friendly alternative products can turn out to be a clear case of ‘greenwashing’ - overstating just how eco friendly that product actually is!

We wanted to put together a list of the really exciting eco swaps we've seen recently, what exactly makes them so special and how they might be able to help you on your journey to a more sustainable, low waste lifestyle!

Here are the latest and greatest zero waste eco swaps for a plastic free home!

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It's only right to start this list with what's probably our favourite zero waste alternative we've swapped to recently, Smol! They're offering both laundry capsules and dishwasher tablets in completely plastic free, recyclable packaging, which the same cannot be said for any of the products we've seen in the supermarket!

What's more is that they're the most concentrated products on the market, meaning great value for money (up to 50% compared to that of others!) and the ability to be posted straight through your letter box! So, you never have to go without or rush out to the shop again!

It's tough to decide on what we love most about Smol - the innovative packaging, the convenient subscription model or the fact that their a family run business? And yet another arrow in the quiver is that they're complete cruelty free and contain fewer chemicals than the other brands! If you just cover the postage, you can try them for free with our affiliate link here!