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How To Be An Environmental Activist From Home! Quick & Easy Eco Tips!

World Environment Day is held on June 5th every year, but this year, we guess it's going to be a little bit different! So, how can we all still come together, celebrate and even advocate for the environment without even leaving our homes? Here are our quick tips for environmental activism at home!


North Cornwall Sunset Selfie - how to be an environmental activist advocate at home eco friendly sustainable lifestyle tips

Why Is Environmental Activism Necessary?

It should go without saying that Planet Earth is absolutely amazing! Without it, we wouldn’t be alive! But, this isn’t just about us humans... Life on Earth is precious, from the mammals on land and birds in the sky, to the fish in the sea and the flora in the forests. Yet, those habitats are being destroyed and the animals are under threat of going extinct. This can and should be stopped but, because life on Earth has been commodified and considered by some as disposable in the pursuit of human development, it’s sad to think that stopping this has to be demanded and fought for.

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed”

- Mahatma Gandhi

Pollution in our air, rivers and oceans, unprecedented climate change and a rise in sea temperatures, trade in wildlife and animal products, overfishing and deforestation for farmland have a driven an environmental crisis. Human activity has driven a sixth mass extinction that puts one million plant and animal species at risk of extinction. We now need to use our voices for those that can’t speak, come together to protect the world’s biodiversity and all work towards a more sustainable and harmonious relationship with nature.

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What Can We Do To Live More Sustainably?

  • Walk or cycle to work and use public transportation more often.

  • Reduce our consumption of electricity by switching off lights, switching to energy efficient bulbs and seeking out renewable energy suppliers.

  • Conserve water by taking shorter showers, using a water saving shower head and switching off the taps whilst brushing our teeth.

  • Be mindful of how we use technology, recycling used electronics and repairing what you can.

  • Save paper by using both sides, recycling instead of sending paper waste to landfill and buying paper products made from already recycled materials.

  • Opt for food without the plastic packaging, seek out zero waste stores for bulk buying food and refuse single use plastics with takeaway food and drink.

  • Switch to reusable products such as organic cotton tote bags, water bottles, coffee cups and lunch boxes.

  • Shop local and secondhand, and buy quality products that are built to last.

  • Move away from fast fashion brands, buy natural clothing like cotton opposed to polyester, and use a washing machine filter such as a GuppyFriend wash bag to catch synthetic microfibers.

  • Move away from synthetic cleaning products to cotton cloths, plastic free scourers and natural loofahs.

  • Stop using single use baby/make up wipes and use reusable cotton rounds instead.

  • Switch to an all natural, reef safe suncream, opt for plastic free bathroom products and avoid beauty products containing plastic microbeads.

  • Reduce food waste and compost food scraps.

  • Reduce your consumption of meat and animal products.

  • Opt for organic produce free of pesticides and harsh, chemical-heavy fertilisers.

  • Grow your own veg and plant bee-friendly flowers.

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What Can We Do As Activists At Home?

  • Research environmental risks - find the facts, reputable sources and official scientific reports

  • Stay inspired and persistent - watch environmental documentaries, listen to podcasts and read books

  • Be vocal - share your knowledge and inspire others

  • Lead by example - adopt eco friendly habits

  • Follow environmental organisations, charities and campaigners online - share their work, donate and shop what they may sell

  • Sign petitions and write to your local MP

  • Push your local council for increased litter clean up and recycling bins

  • Push for the protection of green spaces, wildlife refuges and marine sanctuaries

  • De-fund fossil fuels by switching banks and write to others - for more info visit this website or this website.


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How are you trying to live an eco friendly lifestyle? Leave a comment below to let us know!


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